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Teaching Philosophy:

Theatre, I believe, is the greatest vehicle of education. By utilizing characters and situations to examine social, political, and emotional issues it touches the human existence. The work of theatre reaches out with serious dramas and tragedies as well as the ennobling quality of uplifting comedies and musicals.

To present an idea and observe as the students' grasp it and then relate it to themselves and their work in production is a great enjoyment. I love to teach students within the creative energy of production. Pre-production, the performance, and then analyzing in post production is an incredible process to develop the talent of the individual student. The work of theatre reaches out to the artists involved as they collaborate on ideas, issues and of course, entertainment.

I believe that the instruction of young theatre artisans begins with the idea that they are artists, and have abilities that should be sustained and channeled rather than controlled. The accountability should be on the students where experience can be gained. By supporting the students carefully and allowing them to take the reins of the production they feel not only the pressure of their own decisions, but the satisfaction that they contributed to the completed work.

Design and Production students have a unique place in the art of theatre which supports the notion that they must contribute their own ideas. All of this is structured in a safe place where ideas are shared, focused and carefully explored. When time allows I freely allow the students to explore possibilities. When time or resources are scarce I offer more options during their preparations, allowing them to think, which in turn brings them to a clearer and many times a simpler course.

The collaborative nature of theatre is the foremost idea I illuminate in each course, whether it is an Introduction 101 course, or an advanced design or management course. The outcome the audience is paying to see is the art of theatre. The collaboration is the vehicle to get to opening night.


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