Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Town Square - "Bless Your Beautiful Hide!

Diner - Metting Millie. Tables & chairs set up

Pontepee House - Meeting Brothers - Messy with bedroom set up SR with Window. Picture of model to come.

Good Morning Breakfast - Bedroom gone full living room in view and cleaned up with curtains

Cleaned up more. Goin' Courtin'

Town 4th of July Party. Include banners and patriotic decorations
(I am sure it will insult the terrorist crowd, but we don't want them anyway... do we?)

The Road Home

The House

The Barn - Sobbin' Women

Get the Girls

Echo Pass.....

Avalanche.... This is a strange change we can work out. I see lighting and the Annie Skeet Shoot Feathers

Pontepee Yard - We forgot the Parson!

The Barn - Lonsome Polecat

Spring Coming.....

The Trapper Cabin

Glad Your Were Born

Find the Girls - Town Men Invasion

The Wedding... In town, open Summer Back Drop, or in the Pontepee House..... Directors Choice